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Organic Pest Control for Stored Grain Insects

Stored grain pests account for a significant amount of loss every year in the agricultural sector. Handlers of dry agricultural commodities know the extent of damage that these various insects can bring, such as the lesser grain borer’s tendency to decimate stored grains or the rice weevil’s ability to render nutritious rice as inedible. Whatever the pest may be, farmers and traders strive to find solutions in order to prevent such from happening.

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Preventing Lesser Grain Borers in Stored Grains

Insects play a huge role in causing significant post-harvest losses of grains every year. This leads to food insecurity and contributes to lower incomes for farmers and traders alike.

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Reducing Health Risks by preventing Mold Growth

Food safety and sanitation are among the issues that need to be highlighted further amidst worsening health conditions. To address this need, World Health Organization (WHO) published a series of digests informing the public about mold health risks posed substances such as aflatoxins that can manifest in food, especially in harvested commodities like maize, rice, nuts, and even red chili peppers.

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