Wasan Milling Company Sdn Bhd (WMC), a new commercial entity wholly owned by Darussalam Assets Sdn Bhd, is entrusted by the Government of Brunei with the vital task of milling and storage for stockpiling at Wasan Agricultural Development Area.



The Department of Agriculture and Agrifood, Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism (MPRT), the agency which was formerly tasked with rice milling services, worked on its corporatization. The objective is to elevate Brunei's rice production capabilities to complement the Sultanate's growing needs, increase rice production in Brunei, and ensure the supply of high-quality local rice in the local market. The strategy is aligned with Brunei Vision 2035's aspirations while supporting the Sultanate's food security agenda. 


Wasan Milling Company is pivotal in the government's efforts to ensure food security and meet the nation's rice demands. As the demand grows, the company finds itself at the forefront of expansion.


Wasan Milling Company Paddy RiceThe challenge lies in quickly finding an instant warehouse solution that effectively prevents infestation and is cost-efficient to meet the nation's capacity requirements efficiently while considering the well-being of neighboring companies. They currently face quality and infestation problems on the milled paddy previously kept from the warehouse. They understand that chemical fumigation to prevent the infestation from damaging rice quality is not sustainable, with the process being laborious and detrimental to the environment. They also need to protect the reputation and operations of neighboring food companies. They were considering using cold storage as the optimum solution to maintain the quality of stored paddy.



The Challenges Faced


In their pursuit of a comprehensive storage solution, Wasan Milling Company has found that using GrainPro Hermetic Cocoons for paddy storage offers an effective and chemical-free approach to pest control.


These hermetically sealed Cocoons provide a protective oxygen barrier that results in the natural suffocation of pests, insects, and mold without the need for chemicals, ensuring the safety and quality of the stored paddy.  Using GrainPro Hermetic Cocoons, WMC can prevent infestation and eliminate the risk of pests spreading to neighboring food industry companies.


Implementing an instant warehouse solution using GrainPro Hermetic Cocoons brings several advantages for Wasan Milling Company and the Government of Brunei. Firstly, using the Cocoons for pest control eliminates the need for chemicals, aligning with Wasan's commitment to sustainability and the well-being of employees, neighboring companies, and the environment.


This method ensures the integrity and purity of the stored paddy while preventing infestation from spreading to surrounding food industry businesses. By employing the GrainPro Hermetic Cocoons, Wasan Milling Company can confidently operate its facility without risking the reputation or operations of neighboring companies.


Wasan Milling Company Setting Up GrainPro Hermetic Cocoon

Photo: Wasan Milling Company operations team led by Mr. Yong Soon Seng with Deputy Permanent Secretary - Puan Hajah Dahliana from the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism



Wasan Milling Company, established in 2022, has quickly become a key player in the milling and storage for stockpiling for the Government of Brunei. As the company expands its capacity, finding a storage solution that prioritizes sustainability and the well-being of neighboring food industry companies becomes essential. By opting for GrainPro Hermetic Cocoons, Wasan Milling Company addresses this challenge by providing an effective, chemical-free approach to pest control.


Through implementing an instant warehouse solution using the GrainPro Hermetic Cocoons, WMC is poised to revolutionize government operations, sustainably enhancing food security for the nation. This approach ensures the safety and quality of the stored paddy and fosters a harmonious and responsible environment for Brunei's entire food industry sector.


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Date Published: September 27, 2023

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