GrainPro® Hermetic Cocoon Revolutionizes Hom Mali Rice Storage for Thailand's Premier Exporters, Ensuring Quality and Reliability Amid Climate Challenges Bolstering Food Security

Bangkok, Thailand – October 16, 2023



In an unprecedented leap forward, Thai Hom Mali rice exporters have adopted the cutting-edge GrainPro® Hermetic Cocoon™ storage technology to redefine their approach to post-harvest storage through the help of Intergro, a respected partner in Thailand. Renowned Thai Hom Mali rice exporters, such as Herba, Toumi, Century Rice, Tong Hua, Olam, Capital Rice, and Lor Phoon Pol, have embraced this innovation to safeguard the quality and reliability of their precious harvest.


Lor Phoon Pol Rice Mill


The Hermetic Cocoon™ maintains Hom Mali rice's pristine quality and flavor by keeping it in a controlled airtight and moisture-proof environment. Sealing rice in this environment blocks air exchange between the inside and outside, preventing oxidation.


Suwannaphum Rice Co Ltd Cocoon FlushingOxygen depletion will inhibit the growth and development of insects such as weevils and molds. The Hermetic Cocoon™ is also applicable for the Modified Atmosphere treatment with features that allow for CO₂ or Nitrogen flushing. Modified Atmosphere packaging, like the Cocoon™, offers a fast and organic way of controlling infestations through natural asphyxiation while securing rice qualities.


Despite a humid environment in a tropical country like Thailand, the Cocoon™ additionally prevents moisture-related damage by maintaining the stable moisture content of rice stored inside.


Therefore, the Hermetic Cocoon™ technology has become a pivotal tool in enhancing both the quality and competitiveness of their exports while simultaneously delivering a host of remarkable benefits.

Benefits of the Hermetic Cocoon™


Quality Preservation


Hom Mali rice, cherished for its delicate aroma and exquisite flavor, requires meticulous care throughout its journey from paddy field to plate. The Cocoon™ technology creates a controlled storage environment that regulates temperature, humidity, and oxygen levels, preserving the rice's aroma and flavor over extended storage periods. The result is Hom Mali rice, which consistently delights consumers with its premium quality.


Climate-Proofing Against El Niño and La Niña


Climate change has brought about unprecedented challenges, and in this dynamic landscape, El Niño and La Niña events have become more frequent and intense. These climate phenomena can disrupt traditional rice storage methods and impact supply reliability. The Cocoon™ ensures that the world continues to experience the unparalleled aroma, flavor, and supply reliability of Thailand's beloved Hom Mali rice, even in the face of climate-related challenges such as El Niño and La Niña. 




By reducing the need for chemical preservatives and enhancing natural preservation, the Cocoon™ aligns with global demands for environmentally friendly and sustainable agricultural practices, promoting long-term food security. More importantly, this transition also signifies an unwavering commitment to the environmental conservation of rice exporters, as it significantly reduces the carbon footprint associated with traditional chemical fumigation.


Reduced Post-Harvest Losses


Ultimately, the Cocoon minimizes post-harvest losses by shielding the rice from pests, insects, and molds, translating to cost savings and enhanced profitability for exporters. This loss reduction means more food reaches consumers, contributing to food security.

In this landmark transition, Thai Hom Mali rice exporters have turned to the GrainPro® Hermetic Cocoon™, with the steadfast support of Thailand partner Intergro, to secure the future of their premium exports and uphold food security. This innovative storage solution, backed by a robust partnership, protects both quality and supply reliability in the face of climate challenges, strengthening food security for millions across the globe.

It is more than a Cocoon;

it's a promise to the world that the legacy of Hom Mali rice is here to stay.


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Date Published: July 13, 2024

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