How to Prevent Rice Weevils in Commodities

Insect infestations in stored agricultural commodities can bring irreparable damage, resulting to billions of dollars in post-harvest losses every year. Globally, insects plague farms and warehouses, creating problems and difficulties for farmers and traders alike. One such insect is the rice weevil.


Sustainable Agricultural Solutions: Hermetic Technology

Agriculture has evolved through human innovation to satisfy the increasing global demand for food. From simple...

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Suez Canal Blockage: How to Protect Commodities in Transit

Satellite image (c) 2021 MAXAR TECHNOLOGIES VIA AP

Shipping trade lanes play an important role in allowing countries to...

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COVID-19 Response: Advocating for African Coffee Farmers

COVID-19 has had and continues to have a global impact on the supply chain and agriculture industry. Smallholder coffee...

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