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4 Tips to Avoid Mold Growth in Stored Grains

Mold growth in dried food such as grains, maize, or rice is not an appetizing sight. Farmers and handlers detest mold because it means their products are tainted and this results in a loss in their profits.

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Post-harvest and storage: Protecting Maize From Moisture Damage

As the third most widely cultivated crop, maize is a crucial commodity in many countries. In fact, 700 million metric tonnes of maize are produced each year, with USA, China, and Brazil as the top three countries to do so. With this, it is important to know how to handle this precious crop to protect itfrom damage or loss during post-harvest stage particularly in storage.

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Reducing Health Risks by preventing Mold Growth

Food safety and sanitation are among the issues that need to be highlighted further amidst worsening health conditions. To address this need, World Health Organization (WHO) published a series of digests informing the public about mold health risks posed substances such as aflatoxins that can manifest in food, especially in harvested commodities like maize, rice, nuts, and even red chili peppers.

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