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Navigating Through the Challenges in Rice Post-Harvest Handling

Rice is one of the most important food crops for many countries around the globe. Around 60% of the world’s population depends on it for daily sustenance, especially in the East and Southeast Asian regions, where it is a dietary staple. Unfortunately, even though rice is regarded as such, a large portion of it still goes to waste due to challenges in post-harvest handling and management.

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Cocoa Processing: A Bean to Cup Story

Perfect for the cold weather, having a hot cup of cocoa is a holiday tradition that is well and alive throughout the world today. Its full, rich taste that brings back childhood memories and warms you from your core to your fingertips can be so addicting. But, have you ever wondered how your cup of cocoa came to be? What are the steps in cocoa processing from bean to your cup?

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To a Sustainable Future: Benefits of Reducing Post-harvest Food Loss

One of the United Nations' sustainable development goals is achieving food security and zero hunger. Over the past 15 years, government bodies and international organizations have taken steps to attain this. Yet, this remains an elusive goal as more than 790 million people are still suffering from hunger. This problem is due to several factors, and one of these is inadequate efforts in reducing post-harvest losses.

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