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Reducing Health Risks by preventing Mold Growth

Food safety and sanitation are among the issues that need to be highlighted further amidst worsening health conditions. To address this need, World Health Organization (WHO) published a series of digests informing the public about mold health risks posed substances such as aflatoxins that can manifest in food, especially in harvested commodities like maize, rice, nuts, and even red chili peppers.

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Long-term Storage for Grains as Food Security Solution

The lack of food security is an ever-present issue in the international arena. Both government agencies and non-government organizations work hard to tackle the problem and try to provide solutions to prevent millions of people affected by hunger and poverty from suffering its ill effects.

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Storing Grains Doesn't Have to be Expensive

Having a viable business in the agricultural sector can be challenging and requires taking risks that may or may not pay off. For instance, operational costs of running a farm or handling facility can pile up fast. Inputs such as fertilizers and pesticides can rack up costs.

Labor can also take a huge chunk of the budget and of course, facilities such as your grain storage need upkeep and upgrades. With all these costs in mind, taking steps towards making a profit and having investments returned should still be the goal.

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