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Empowered: Giving Way to the Rise of Women Farmers

Women farmers are an important cornerstone of many economies worldwide. The agricultural sector relies on women farmers to produce, support, and uplift countless daily endeavors. According to the United Nations, almost half of the world’s agricultural labor force is comprised of rural women, but support for them falls far shorter than what they need, especially in developing countries.

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Remote Sensing In Post-harvest Agriculture

For years, food and feed processors have always wondered about the conditions of their crops during storage. In many cases, they are unable to physically check the status of their crops.

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Importance of Moisture Content in Coffee Processing

The moisture content of coffee beans can determine the resulting quality of a brew. This is why it’s important to make sure that each batch of harvested coffee has just the right moisture content, which is recommended to be at around 11.5% when the beans are ready for storage and shipping. Considering that various circumstances such as climate and altitude in different regions of the world would also affect coffee’s moisture content, it’s essential to take note of the proper way of handling the beans in all the stages of processing.

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